Bidonì, in the historic region of Barigadu, in the province of Oristano, is a country of about 150 inhabitants, with a very characteristic territory and already inhabited in Nuragic and Roman times. Located 260 meters above sea level, the village overlooks Lake Omodeo.

The patron saint of Bidoní and St. John the Baptist. It is also celebrated at Settembre novenario campestre di Santa Maria di Ossolo.

On Monday, the Pro Loco of the village organizes the “sagra de s’anzone”, which is held in the Istei pine forest, on the shores of Lake Omodeo.

In the adjacent hill of Onnariu, on the outskirts of the village, the Jupiter Temple was recently discovered, still in the excavation phase, while there are also features of the “domus de janas” and a nuraghe called “Bentosu”.

Here the map to Bidonì