The Ceramics of Oristano, crafted skilfully by artisans through hand-drawn techniques from generation to generation, are known around the world for their beauty and accuracy in detail.

Located close to the mouth of the river Tirso and surrounded by ponds, Oristano has always provided its craftsmen with the Neolithic since the raw material needed to produce high-quality ceramic tiles, thanks to the clayey soil.

Oristano’s Ceramics production has always been varied, ranging from home-made tools to pearls, from jugs to flames to liturgical containers, to the actual decoration of some of the most important historical monuments in Oristano, such as the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta or that of the Church of Carmine for example.

Today, visiting the Antiquarium Arborense Museum in Oristano, you can appreciate many valuable pieces of ceramics from the earliest times to the works of our day.