The Church and Hospital Sant’Antonio Oristano, also called Hospitalis Sancti Antoni, rises close to the west wall of the ancient city court, a few meters from Piazza Eleonora d’Arborea.
Born for the care and assistance of leprosy patients, the Sant’Antonio Hospital has seen numerous restorations and refurbishments over the years.

Originally entrusted to the Fatebenefratelli for nearly 200 years, it was discharged from hospital by the mid-1800s, replaced by San Martino Hospital, out of the city walls, and became the first childhood school in the city, entrusted to the Venerine Pie Maestre. The little church, on the right side of the facade of the church and facing the west, is in Gothic style and features a small bell tower.


Here the map to the Church and Hospital Sant’Antonio Oristano: