The Church of San Martino Oristano has unspeakable medieval origins and is located outside the ancient walls of the city, in the present San Martino square. The first indication of the church of San Martino is found in an ancient document by the judge of Arborea Peter II and his wife Diana dated January 18, 1228.

On March 29, 1410, in the Church of San Martino Oristano, the peace treaty of San Martino was signed, after the bloody battle between San Lorenzo and the Aragonese army, which definitively sanctioned the end of the glorious Giudicato d’Arborea.

For the next 300 years, until 1832, it was a Dominican convent where letters, philosophy and theology were taught. Since 1832 he was converted to the Hospital, taking the name of San Martino Hospital, and still houses some health facilities.


Here the map to the Church of San Martino Oristano: