The Church of San Saturnino Oristano stands on the ashes of an ancient Byzantine church, always named San Saturnino. Re-built in 1901, the Church of San Saturnino, is located close to the ancient east wall of the Judicial City of Oristano.

The current building of the Church of San Saturnino Oristano, is built with red brick bricks, taking full account of the typically Romanesque churches with the semicircle apse facing east. The San Saturnino church also houses the Immaculate Oratory since the last century and Next to it is a recent convent built in the early 1900s by the noble spouses of Oristano Vincenzo Boy and Vincenzina Carta.

The Institute, since 1951, is run by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi, and is currently home to a childhood school and a boarding school.


Here the map to the Church of San Saturnino Oristano: