The Church of Sant’Efisio Oristano, finds its place in the early period of struggle in Cagliari against the invasion of the French.
Celebrated especially in Sardinian capital and also invoked in Oristano after the plague of 1652-1656, the Saint had this new church. The rite for the beginning of the work was carried out by the archbishop dr. Francesco Maria Sisterns de Oblites, delegated by Archbishop Luigi Cusani.

The style of the building was originally a Piedmont Baroque; In the early twentieth century there was another form, the present one, unlike the previous one. The Church of Sant’Efisio Oristano was always regarded as branch and dependent on that of St. Sebastian; In 1930 it was erected in an autonomous parish with annexed canonical and local houses for parochial works.


Here the map to the Church of Sant’Efisio Oristano: