Cibum Oristano is the evolution of classic delicatessen.
A deep passion for good food gives birth to the idea of creating a place where food comes to life. Ours is a great passion, capable of transforming work into a great project of life.

The desire to tell you, through the rediscovery of little-known products that are part of our culture, world cultures, the stories that generated excellence.

With our creation, we try to involve our customers in understanding what is behind every handmade product.

Cibum has been created with the utmost accuracy and studied in the smallest detail, in order to create a continuity of the environments and make them even more welcoming.
The room designed not only to eat the dishes that will be offered continuously, can also be used as a place for cultural encounters of all kinds.


Address: Via Verdi 34 – Oristano
Boot at +39 380 767 5376
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Local, National, International, Shop Salumeria, Aperitifs and dinners with high quality cuisine


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Here the map to Cibum