Mariano Tower, or San Cristoforo Tower, is located on the central square of Oristano, Piazza Roma, and was erected in 1290 by the judge of Arborea Mariano II.

The Tower of San Cristoforo, about 19 meters high, was one of the 4 doorways to the city wall of Oristano. Turning north, it is made up of 3 floors superimposed the last of which consists of a burial tower on which stands a bronze bell of 1430.

The tower was built with sandstone blocks from Tharros while the base was made of granite.
The tower of Mariano II is, together with the portixedda tower, the only four access gate to the city of Oristano (north San Cristoforo Tower, east Portixedda Tower, west Sant’Antonio tower and south Porta Mari Tower).


The map to Mariano Tower: