The San Martino Theater Oristano is located in the city centre, a few steps from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Opened in 1874, the San Martino Theatre is another architectural work in the city of Gaetano Cima, commissioned by the noble Oristano Enrico Spano and is built in a neoclassical style, which is very elegant.

At the beginning of the theatre, only theatrical operas, comedies and performances were performed, but in 1922, with the advent of silent cinema, it was restored and converted to cinemas until the early 1950s when it was closed and used for many years Simple stock up to its total decay.

For some years now, the Oristano City has acquired this splendid architectural, artistic and cultural heritage of the Oristanesi, restoring it and making it available for exhibitions, conventions and musical performances.


Here the map to the San Martino Theater Oristano: