The Sartiglia is one of the most fascinating equestrian rides in the world. Last Sunday and Tuesday carnival runs. Both Sartiglia days are organized and cared for by the 2 most characteristic spots in the city. On Sunday, the carousel is organized by the Gremio dei Contadini, while on Tuesdays is organized by the Gremio dei Falegnami.
The day of Sartiglia (Sunday and Tuesday) begins with the striking announcement on horseback.

The listener, accompanied by drummers and trumpeters, runs the streets of the city center inviting all the people to a party day. Late in the morning, there is the dressing up of “Su Componidori”, a chosen knight who will have the task of guiding the race and all the riders. After the completion of the “Vestizione” de Su Componidori, the march of the knights is formed, which leads to the Duomo Street, where the exciting Star Race will take place.

It will be up to Su Componidori to start the race to the star of the Sartiglia of Oristano, followed by his companions, Su Segundu and Su Terzu, and all the other riders that the Capocorsa will decide to make in this difficult test of skills on horseback, Which consists of throwing the horse on a gallop and looking, with a sword, to seize the star post about halfway through the path.

Traditionally, more stars are caught by the knights, the more they will be in good spirits. Su Componidori and his two companions, they will also have the honour of attempting to descend the star again with “Su Stoccu” a wooden rod. With the descents On Componidori will give a further proof of his horseback riding skills in “Sa remada”: throwing the horse to the gallop will lean back over it blessing the crowd.

After the end of “Sa remada”, the Sartiglia di Oristano moves from Via Duomo, the starting point of the race to the star, to Via Mazzini, where here all the knights, in groups of 3, will lurk in the reckless and marvellous “Pariglie”. Once you try dexterity and courage.

It will always be Su Componidori, at the end of the pariglie but this time accompanied by his fellow companions, to bless the last time the people began to acclaim and celebrate it. From here hence the procession takes place in the place of the decommissioning of Componidori.