The Church of Beata Vergine Maria Immacolata Oristano, is one of the many ancient churches laid out in the ancient walls of Oristano.
The church and the convent were erected, according to provincial papers, in 1608 on a precise order by the noble Oristano Domenico Paderi, while his homonymous and relative was the benefactor who expanded the premises. With the suppression of 1866, they were redeemed at the public auction on July 2, 1874, p. Luigi Maria da Ghilarza.

In the Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate of Oristano, a beautiful silver goblet of 1609 is preserved and a painting performed in 1626 by the lay cappuccino between Vitale da Algesiras (Spain). The reproduction was made in 1653 by the oriental Don Gaspare Pira, one of the winners of the Battle of Tirso on February 26, 1637.


Here the map to the Church of Beata Vergine Maria Immacolata Oristano: